Shout-out to the NHS!


This is going to be a short and sweet post, but as the title suggests, I just wanted to do a positive shout-out to the NHS. This time of year must be so difficult for doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants and so on as they are inundated with people demanding to see them and thinking their problem is more important than someone else. These people can become aggressive and rude, forgetting that those working within the health sector are sacrificing their precious family time to look after us and in the worse case scenarios, saving lives. They deserve to be treated with the utmost respect. They don’t get the recognition they deserve and there should be more positivity surrounding them.Last month I had an allergic reaction to oysters and I was being sick every 3 minutes or so, having hot and cold sweats and stomach pains. Now, I may have been dramatic at the time but my symptoms were similar to appendicitis and someone I know had just had their appendix removed so I was in full panic mode! So my boyfriend phoned NHS direct and they advised him on what to do etc. A couple of hours later, I finally stopped being sick and NHS direct actually phoned back to do a follow up call on a Saturday evening. I just think that’s a bloody brilliant service and I doubt I would experience that anywhere else in the world. The lady I spoke to was caring, sympathetic and in no way showed that she didn’t have time to speak to me and advised me on what to do next.Fast forward to this weekend and I woke up Sunday morning with a swollen face (particularly my eyes) and my lips had cracked and were seeping. My lips had been sore for about a month anyway but they were inflamed and burning, so much so they kept me awake. I thought I had an infection but was reluctant to go to the walk in centre because of the time of year and again, if I was being dramatic, it would have been a complete waste of their time and mine! So I went to my local pharmacy and got some antihistamines in case it was an allergic reaction and some medicated lip balm. However, I woke up yesterday and my lips were still in a dreadful state so I phoned the doctors half-heartedly thinking I would never get an appointment this week. But I got one for 40 minutes later and the doctor I saw was amazing – she diagnosed me some cream for my infected lips and they’re better already.Now, what’s the point of this post? I know most people won’t care about my infected lips but I just think it’s a fantastic service that within an hour and a half I had a prescription in my hand and a day later, they’re well on their way to healing. The doctor may have just “done her job” but it’s more than that. It’s feeling like you’re not wasting their time, that you’re not a burden and they do care. I suppose this is a plea more than anything else – if you need medical attention over the festive season, be kind and gracious. They’re giving up their time to serve us, regardless of the fact that they get paid for it. It’s a high pressured job and they don’t need people making it more difficult for them.So to all the NHS staff out there – thank you and Merry Christmas!

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