2021 Goals.

So we’re just over a week into 2021 and it’s almost matched the shit storm of 2020 already. It’s actually terrifying how many awful things are going in the world and I’m sure every individual out there has many concerns and worries about how this year is going to shape up. I know I do. I detest January anyway. I find it morose, long and mentally draining. This week has been so bloody hard. I’ve struggled to do the most basic chores and tasks at home. Something I didn’t find in the first lockdown. The first lockdown was actually quite pleasant looking back. It was spring time, the weather was lush and we could be outside a lot. This time, the weather is freezing, bleak and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. They say things need to get worse before they get better, but seriously, how much worse can it get? 

With that in mind, I thought it would be good to write a couple of goals for the year and tell you about my plans. I’ve been so poor with blogging. I’m not really sure why.  I did an MA in Creative Writing but these days, the only writing I seem to do is a long Instagram caption. Not good enough! 

My first goal has to be to blog more. It’s all about managing my time better and I’m going to try much harder to stick to a schedule at home. I did in the first lockdown and it also gives you a sense of achievement. Something I’ve only had one day this week. I love cooking and creating recipes, I have no idea why I stopped! I’ve got tons in my notebook that I want to post so I need to just to do it. 

Second goal is to read consistently. Although I read 52 books last year, I found that I often binged books. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but I just want to make sure I read a little everyday instead of a book over two days then not picking another one up for a week! 

Third one is to manage time and emotions better. One way I want to do that is by keeping a journal. I don’t have to write in it everyday but with a baby due in April, it would be something nice to look back on. My time management has been shocking lately. I feel so unmotivated with the lockdown and pretty much being housebound. It’s so isolating. I’m classed as clinically vulnerable so I’m shielding and it’s so boring! But I can’t use that as an excuse forever.

The fourth one is to carry on learning calligraphy. I see so many lovely prints etc that use the art of calligraphy, so why not learn it for myself? Plus, it’s such a therapeutic thing to do.

The final one is to learn to create a newsletter or brochure available for download from my blog. I’ve always wanted to do it but I keep putting it off! I guess I’m scared no one would bother with it. But when I have the baby, I want to ensure I’m doing things for me, and I carry on learning stuff. I know it will be difficult however, I feel quite strongly about having my own thing still! 

That’s my round up so far for 2021. My only hope is I can bring my baby into a better world that we’re in now and I am the best mummy I can be for my little one. 


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