A Little Life Update

It feels like a lifetime ago since I last wrote a blog post! Almost 3 months has gone by without me picking up my laptop in the evening and just writing. If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I am pregnant. We had our 12 week scan on Monday and we’re so excited! Our little baby is due in April 2021 and it is fair to say our lives have been turned upside down. Not only are we expecting a baby, but we have also moved house. We are no longer living on Mersea Island, but have moved to a nice little village a few miles away to a much bigger (and warmer) house. Although the move has coincided with announcing we are pregnant, we had decided to move before even knowing I was expecting! 

But I don’t want this one to be about moving or having a baby. I though it would be good to write about not wanting to write! I know there are some people out there who believe blogging has fallen out of fashion, with more people than ever turning to social media to use as a blogging platform. However, I want to try and continue with mine for as long as possible because I have poured so much time and passion into my little corner of the internet. I don’t even know if anyone reads it but it’s nice to have something that i’ve built from scratch. Saying that, I am guilty of using instagram too much. It is a great platform to engage with other bloggers and get inspiration. It’s also much quicker to post on there than sitting down to write a whole blog post! 

When I first went back to uni to do my Masters, I originally wanted to be a journalist. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be for me as I then couldn’t afford to go on and pay for the NCTJ course required. Now, looking at my life and where I am now, I’m glad I didn’t. I don’t think it would have been the right career choice for me as I wouldn’t be able to write objectively enough. Despite this, I have always maintained this blog. It is the only form of writing I do now. Although I did an MA in Creative Writing, I currently do not have any desire to sit down and attempt a full blown novel. That being said, in a years time, or when I’m on Maternity leave, this could all change. For the time being, i’m happy not putting the pressure on myself to do that. 

So how do you get back into doing something you have put off for weeks/ months? 

  1. Don’t put pressure on yourself to do it. It can be easy to do that. You feel guilty for watching Netflix when “you should” be doing something more productive. 

  2. Look for inspiration. Whether it’s from a book, social media accounts or even other blogs online. Knowing what works well for others, may help you discover what will work well for you. 

  3. Do you still enjoy what you’re trying to get back into? It may be a case of you simply losing the passion and inclination to do it! If that’s the case, I would suggest closing the chapter and starting something new. 

  4. Write a list of everything you want to achieve. In one of my numerous notebooks, I have a list of potential blog posts. It’s now just a case of writing them! 

  5. Set yourself realistic targets. There’s no point in trying to go from zero to hundred. You’ll never achieve what you want and just feel like you have failed. 

For me, it is about writing a blog when I feel like it. And a little bit of time management chucked in! Some nights we watch re-runs of shows we have seen a million times and we both know we can do things that would be more beneficial for us. The one thing that has been consistent for me is my love for reading. It definitely makes me feel less guilty about not blogging! Going forward, my aim is to write one post a week. It should be something I can keep on top of and not feel too stressed about! 

Thanks for reading x 


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