Mushroom Arancini

As we all know by now, I love a risotto! During lockdown I have been cooking one a week and experimenting with different flavour combinations. But one thing I have never made is arancini. If I’m out for a meal and they have it as an option on the menu, I will always order it as they’re delicious! A risotto is simple enough to make, you just need to make sure you have plenty of time to do it. Arancini is basically fried risotto balls – and they’re incredible! A perfect starter or a dish to have as part of a meze.

As part of #nationalvegetarianweek, I have partnered up with Spider PR agency and Mushroom Miles. Part of the initiative and challenge is to swap out meaty meals for veggie ones, with mushrooms being the rising star! Did you know that 63% of Brits want to reduce the food miles of the produce they buy, with another 37% of these saying they would pay a little more for food that came from within the UK and Ireland. The UK and Irish mushroom industry produces enough to stock the whole of the UK’s supermarkets. With the current economy and global pandemic, it’s important now more than ever that we buy local produce. I was very excited about this partnership as I love mushrooms and I enjoy vegetarian alternatives. My partner does enjoy meat or fish with every meal so I am very much looking forward to changing his view!

The mushrooms I used for my arancini are extremely local to me. They’re from a place called Capel in Suffolk which is only around 45 minutes from me. I am an advocate of supporting small businesses as my partner currently runs his father’s business. You do need to set some time aside if you choose to make arancini, however, I think they are impressive and well worth the effort! I served mine with some bread, a balsamic and olive oil dip, a homemade smokey tomato chutney and a simple salad.


  • 150g risotto rice.

  • 150g chestnut mushrooms.

  • 150g white mushrooms.

  • 1 tsp lazy garlic.

  • 1 tsp each of: dried basil, tarragon, thyme and sage. (Of course you can use fresh, I wanted to use what I had to make the meal economical too)

  • 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar.

  • 50g Salted butter.

  • Salt and Pepper.

  • 1 large glass of white wine.

  • 40g grated parmesan.

  • 40g Dolcelatte cheese.

  • 1 litre vegetable stock.

  • 1 medium onion finely diced.


  • In a large pan, heat some oil and saute the onion and garlic for around 10 minutes over a medium heat.

  • Next, add the mushrooms, butter, balsamic vinegar and dried herbs. Stir thoroughly and season to taste. Cook for 5 minutes.

  • Add the risotto rice and ensure all of the ingredients are mixed in.

  • Gradually add the white wine and the vegetable stock. Ensure you constantly stir the rice so it doesn’t stick and burn to the bottom of the pan. For the rice to cook through fully will take around 25-30 minutes.

  • When the rice is cooked, stir through the parmesan and remove from the heat. Allow to cool for about an hour.

  • To make the balls, beat 3 large eggs in a bowl and make some breadcrumbs. I just whizzed up 3 slices of bread and fresh parsley. In the centre of the risotto balls, place a small amount of dolcelatte. Make the balls a little bigger than a golf ball. Roll the balls in the egg and then cover in the breadcrumbs.


  • Heat a large pan full of oil to 180 degrees – do not let it get any hotter as the balls will just burn.

  • Deep fry in the oil for around 2 minutes each.

  • Serve with a spicy chutney or something similar!

Mushroom arancini.JPGMushroom arancini.JPG

Enjoy x

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Harriet says:

    Lovely shot! I love mushrooms, they’re so versatile aren’t they? I’ll definitely be giving this one a go! Harriet xx


  2. Alexandra says:

    These look delicious, I always order arancini if it’s on the menu!! Definitely a recipe for me to try 🙌🏼


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