Our break with Canine Cottages.


How is it December already? I’m confident I write this every year, but 2019 has whizzed by and so much has happened – for the better! One of the best things to happen this year was getting our puppy, Hendricks. He has become the centre of our world and we love him so much. He brings so much joy to our life. Saying that, every now and again (because we’re human), we need a break. Tom and I had a fantastic holiday in Mallorca in July, but we both said we wished we could take Hendricks on a holiday with us. When we got back I did a bit of research and stumbled across Canine Cottages on Instagram. 

Canine cottages makes finding a holiday destination for your four legged friend easier than ever before. It’s also so much cheaper than you imagine it to be – dependent on time of year and location of course! Tom has a twin brother who lives in Devon and we never get the chance to get down there as life is simply too hectic, and it’s a long way to go. It’s not like we can pop there and back in a day. Well, we could, but it would be the longest day ever! The website is so easy to use, you just have to put in your desired location and then it will give you cottages to choose from, depending on your unique specifications. 

When we booked ours, we just knew we needed somewhere reasonably close to Newton Abbot and preferably in a village which had a pub within walking distance. We were torn between two at first but in the end went for ‘Causeway Cottage’ in Ipplepen. And I’m so glad we did as all three of us loved it! It is a two bedroom cottage, with a private garden and there is a pub that is a 6 minute walk away, which is so cosy and welcoming. Taking your dog to somewhere new is quite nerve wracking as you don’t know how they’ll react, especially if there had been other dogs there before. But Hendricks was amazing and he settled in straight away! Tom and I live in a nice cottage on Mersea, but I have to say, Causeway Cottage gave us envy – it was just so gorgeous, and felt super cosy inside. It definitely helped that Hendricks loved it too.

While we were in Devon, we didn’t do too much to be honest. Hendricks had just had an emergency operation so he couldn’t walk very far and was on a lot of painkillers and Tom and I were exhausted, but it was so nice to not have the pressure of getting up and going to work each morning, or Tom’s phone constantly ringing. The local pub, The Wellington Inn, was instantly welcoming and cosy. Whenever we went there, they had their fire on and Hendricks settled immediately and loved how much of a fuss everyone made of him! 

I’ll share some pictures of our cottage and I thoroughly recommend booking a pet holiday through Canine Cottages as it was so simple and no hassle whatsoever! We will be booking another one next year, the only hard thing is deciding the destination! 

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