Foxes Farm Pumpkin Patch.

Last weekend, I, along with other Essex Bloggers, went to Foxes Farm Produce in Aldham, just on the outskirts of Colchester for a fab afternoon of pumpkin picking, having fun in the corn maze, and taking beautiful autumnal photographs. It’s always a bit nerve wracking going to a bloggers event. I still feel like a complete novice at times and it can be very daunting! It’s always weird meeting other bloggers in real life – you follow each other online, know so much about their personal lives and what they love to do, but you’re still strangers, so when you eventually do meet, it’s odd at first! Luckily, all the girls were so nice and friendly. I always overthink things, particularly on how I come across in public, so it takes a lot for me to actually attend events – even though I know I will enjoy them. We all had such a good time and it was such a unique thing to do and is something I wouldn’t have normally done. 

Foxes Farm is a family run business and it has grown immensely over the past few years, Upon arriving, we were greeted by Emily, co-owner and wife of Guy, and she told us all about the history of Foxes Farm. When Guy was at university, he decided to grow his own produce rather than paying the outrageous prices in the local shops. Guy was from a farming family and had always lived off the food his family had grown/ reared. In 2015, the idea of having a ‘pumpkin patch’ and picking your own was born! It has grown phenomenally since then and has become a bloggers dream autumnal destination. 

This year has been one of surprises and changes for me, including my blog and social media accounts. A perk of this new hobby has been some invites to some blogging things around Essex and I was very excited to get a message from Gem, on Instagram, inviting me to Foxes Farm to have an afternoon of fun. Autumn is one of my favourite times of year. I actually like change. It keeps life fresh and interesting and autumn is just beautiful. 

After Emily had talked us through the business history, we were free to wander and were granted free entry into the corn maze. Tom and I decided to go to the corn maze first as I had never been through one. Now, we don’t have kids, but if we did, it would be such an amazing place to take them! It’s very family friendly and is a fabulous day out for your little ones. The corn maze has been made into a fun challenge for all the family (or two grown adults) to enjoy. We loved finding our way round and we actually managed not to get lost! Which is a miracle really as we use Google maps for everything! 

After coming out of the maze, we did the bit I had most been looking forward to – pumpkin picking! There’s signs all around the farm about the different types of pumpkin you can get, so I wanted to get a range of them to cook with, and to take pretty pictures with at home! 

Tom and I have never carved a pumpkin ourselves, so we said we would actually get one each to do one for halloween this year, and Tom just HAD to pick out the biggest one they must have had on the patch! It took up over half of the wheelbarrow! I picked a normal size one, along with around half a dozen different ones to make some recipes with! I’m excited to share those recipes on here in the next week or so too as it’s such a versatile ingredient. 

After taking LOTS of photographs and managing to fit all of our pumpkins into our very small boot, we reluctantly left as we had to get home to Hendricks. 

If you’re looking for something fun, adventurous, and excellent value for money to do with your kids this coming October half term, then pumpkin picking is an absolute must! The pumpkins are very reasonably priced and everyone would have fun. 

Thanks Foxes Farm for the invite and I will definitely be back! 

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  1. Your photos are great! I visited last weekend and it was fab xxx


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