The Folly.


A couple of weeks ago, Tom and I had our first night away from our baby, Hendricks. We had a conference to attend and a black tie dinner, so naturally, the next morning, I wanted to find somewhere to have breakfast. Breakfast is my least favourite meal of the day. At home, I usually just make myself a fruit smoothie, or have something like scrambled eggs on toast. But as we were in the capital, I really wanted to find somewhere super cute so I could write about it. 

The conference we went to and the dinner was at Fishmonger’s Hall on London Bridge. It’s a stunning building and we had such delicious food while we were there! The conference in the morning didn’t start until 10 and I knew where I wanted to go as soon as I knew where the conference was being held! We went to The Folly near Monument and it was bloody gorgeous inside – a dream for anyone who loves Instagram! 

As I’ve said, neither myself or Tom are huge breakfast people, but I can honestly say, I had the best one of my life there! The menu was extensive and is good for healthy items, and there are plenty of things to choose so you can indulge yourself too. I went for the Buttermilk chicken waffle, with sour cream, jalapeños and chilli maple syrup. I wasn’t sure what to expect if I’m honest as I’ve never had sweet and savoury for breakfast before and couldn’t imagine what it was going to look or taste like. 

I needn’t have worried. It was so incredible and I devoured it! I’ve never enjoyed a breakfast so much in my life and I wouldn’t hesitate to have it again. The chicken was so moist, yet had the most amazing crunch to it. The syrup and sour cream helped to cool down the heat from the jalapeños and the waffle was just perfection. It was all so good, that I’m salivating thinking about it. There’s actually nothing better than going out for a meal and really enjoying it, is there? Tom went for the fry up, but after seeing mine come out, I think next time he will go for something different! We both adored the teapots and the fact that they use real tea leaves there. It’s all the little extras that most restaurants fail to do which made it more of an experience, rather than just having something to eat. 

If you’re in London’s financial district and you’re looking for somewhere to eat – then don’t look any further. They have an extensive menu and open at 7am! Tom and I are back in London next month, so we will definitely be going there and I’m already thinking about my next order! 

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  1. Love it great read 😁


    1. Thank you ☺️ x


  2. JoAnn says:

    Wow looks quaint 🙂


  3. Chocoviv says:

    THIS Is so pretty


  4. helenps says:

    looks so pretty!


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