A Collaboration with Colchester Streets.


Lucking out.

When you start a new job, one of the most daunting things is meeting the people who you’re going to work with. I recently started a new freelance job in Marketing and I am lucky enough to be job-sharing with someone who I have things in common with and we both have skills that complement each other. Indre is a Colchester based photographer who wanted to share her love of Colchester on Instagram. She has now grown her following to over 3,000 and has started a new business; Colchester Streets

More about Colchester Streets.

Indre loves the intimacy of the town, the architecture and all of the foodie delights that are available. She focuses on small businesses and highlighting all of their products, what makes them unique and the staff that makes it shine. Since January, Indre has struck up her own business by taking her camera everywhere she goes, going into the independent businesses and offering to take pictures of their interior, staff and products and showcasing them on her Instagram page. It’s admirable how much Indre adores Colchester and feels at home here. She is originally from Lithuania but came here to study Marketing at the University of Birmingham. She moved to Colchester 9 years ago and doesn’t understand why so many people have a negative view of the town. Indre makes Colchester aesthetically beautiful and appealing. 

After discovering what each of us did, Indre and I thought it would be a good idea to do a collaboration. Colchester Streets is a growing business and there was one thing that the website was missing – a blog. I have had my blog for over three years now and I think I have adapted my style well over time. I think I can turn my hand to write about any subject, but food, places and people will be my favourite. So, Indre thought it would be good if I could write blogs about the businesses and people she photographs and promotes. It’s a great way to get a story across. 

Collaboration on Mersea Island.

I invited Indre to come to Mersea Island a couple of weeks ago so we could do our first collab! As food is my main passion, we thought it would be good for me to cook up a feast, Indre could then interview me and take pictures before enjoying all the food. We were then taken on a tour of the oyster plant by my partner, Tom, and out for a boat trip. We also took Hendricks with us because he loves the boat!

Cockapoo puppy. Mersea Island Packing Shed.
Hendricks . Photo by https://www.instagram.com/colchesterstreets/

I love watching people work and doing what they love. Indre made me feel so relaxed whilst I was cooking and she interviewed me – which surprised me, as usually I detest talking about myself! Tom definitely doesn’t have that problem! When all the food was ready, Indre took some amazing pictures. I cooked a Mediterranean feast including; lamb and feta koftas, vegetable giant cous cous with pomegranate seeds, smoked paprika humous, homemade tzatziki, pitta breads, olives, harissa tiger prawns, chilli, lemon and honey halloumi, and some sun-dried tomatoes with mozzarella balls. She has made the food look sensational with her pictures! 

We’re hoping to collaborate more together. Indre’s photography is exquisite and she has such a passion for it. She wants the small, independent businesses to be successful and believes in supporting them wholly. We visited our first business together yesterday and I’m really excited to write the blog for it. Colchester Streets’ blog has gone live today and you can read our first post here

Thank you for such a good day, Indre! Can’t wait to work on more projects together. 

Cockapoo puppy. Mersea Island. Gemma and life blog.
Mersea Island Jetty. Photo by https://www.instagram.com/colchesterstreets/

6 Comments Add yours

  1. What a magnificent feast – and I agree, Indre’s photos are stunning. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with in your next collaboration.


    1. Thank you! That’s really kind of you to say 🥰


  2. Indre says:

    Aww Gemma, what a lovely blog! It makes me so excited to be working with you and I am sure we will have many adventures to come! Thanks very much!


  3. Dawn says:

    Loved reading this 😊👍


  4. Bernice says:

    Fabulous pictures! Everything looks delicious! 💕


    1. Thank you ☺️ x


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