Yesterday felt very autumnal and while I love being cosy in doors with the heating on, a cup of tea, a Netflix binge and cuddling up with Tom, I also miss the warm weather and the excitement of going on holiday. I love the lead up to Christmas – there’s always something going on, but come January, everyone is depressed and it seems like the longest 31 days in the world. Last year, Tom and I went to Barcelona in November and we adored it! It’s a city I would definitely go back to, even if it was just for the Tapas. It’s no hyperbole to say that it was Michelin standard and the most reasonably priced high quality food you’re ever likely to experience.

I stayed in the Gothic Quarter and would highly recommend it. There are hidden gems throughout medieval part of the city, and the famous cathedral is situated there. Walking down ‘La Rambla’ on the first evening, I felt enchanted and in awe of the tall buildings and quaint little shops scattered along the streets. ‘La Ramble’ is often referred to as Barcelona’s most famous street. Many of the buildings had carvings engraved in them, and the city have done a fantastic job of preserving them as they’re in keeping with the city’s history and modernity.

I stayed in an ‘Airb&b’ during my visit and the host, who was local, told us that the gothic quarter adopts its name from the Romans as it was known as the ‘Roman village’. You can see this from the straight streets. The Gothic quarter is like a maze, the difference being, it is a joy to get lost in it. The tall buildings allow the sun to poke through, warming your face and evoke the sense of tranquillity. It is a popular destination for tourists and locals. One of the attractions is the fact that the Port of Barcelona is only a 5-10 minute walk away, depending on where you’re staying.

Now let’s talk about food. When you visit somewhere new, finding somewhere nice to eat is painstaking. When you go to Spain, the obvious thing you want to eat is Tapas and Paella. Tapas literally translates into ‘little dishes’ and it is my favourite way to eat. There’s nothing better than sitting eating Tapas with your friends, family or loved one, with the air still warm and a cold bottle of Cava waiting to be consumed.

While we were there, I was also able to cross something off my bucket list. We went to the Nou Camp to watch Barcelona play Sevilla in La Liga. Lionel Messi is one of the best players the world has ever seen and as a football fan, I have always wanted to see him play at the Nou Camp before he retired or moved on. It was the only night we were there that it rained torrentially, but luckily, Tom had booked us really good seats and we were under cover, not in the heavens getting soaked and barely seeing a thing! We went at the wrong time though. There was a very subdued atmosphere due to the political protests and a lot of the fans appeared to be having a silent protest during the game.I don’t know why it has taken me so long to visit the Catalonian capital but I will be going back there – particularly for the Tapas and the wonderful streets of a medieval city.

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