A foodie’s paradise.

On Saturday I visited Borough market as it was the start of London Oyster Week, and although I have been there before, I had never really done a lot of shopping. The market is somewhere that is complete shopping goals. There are different fish stalls, meat, cheese, cured meats, fruit and veg, alcohol. The list goes on and when you walk around there, you’re drawn in to look at the fresh, vibrant produce. You can buy different types of food to takeaway and you’re definitely spoilt for choice. It can almost be overwhelming at times as there’s such an array of food on offer.When I arrived Saturday, I decided to try the paella. There’s a stall in the middle of the market that had a big paella pan on the go and I had to try some! I love paella but I find it frustrating as it’s difficult to find a nice one – even in Spain. It was £7.00 a portion and it was brilliant value for money. Britain has been basking in sunshine and Borough Market seemed even more glorious because of that. There were so many photogenic spots that I could have taken hundreds of photographs. One of the things I want to do actually, is to become more adept at photography and using a proper camera. We’re lucky that the quality of phones are so good!I think London is a great place for foodies, but sometimes there can be too much choice. Very first world problem, but it’s hard to choose what you want to eat as there are so many restaurants, it’s difficult to decide! And I like what I like – not that I’m fussy, the opposite in fact, however, I do have a fear of missing out, or picking somewhere that is average or worse. Borough market is great though, particularly if you’re into seafood.I wanted to write this blog post more to highlight how amazing the fruit and veg stalls are. It sounds very boring, but I found such an array of colours and variety of ‘everyday’ ingredients I use, that I was excited by it. I know, I need to get a life. The pictures below just show off how simple, humble ingredients are the best things to buy and create dishes. If I could do my shopping here or somewhere like here every week, I would be a happy lady! The fish stalls were amazing and next time I’m going to get some different fish from them, such as octopus which you tend not to see.img_2212img_2210img_2208img_2207img_2211img_2213img_2204img_2203The other ‘must’ you have to do if you visit Borough market, is to get some oysters. I can’t eat them as I’m allergic (boooooo), but the ones you can purchase from there are fantastic and are a real delicacy.img_2222I loved looking around the market and trying not to spend everything that was in my bank account! I bought some beautiful ingredients and I’m so excited to use them all this week – particularly the pea shoots, wild garlic and fresh horseradish!


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