Baking and faffing – a gin and tonic cake. 


I absolutely adore food and consider myself to be a foodie. I have an excellent palate and a good understanding of flavours – good and bad ones. But, I’m definitely more of a savoury girl, I will always reach for a tube of pringles rather than the chocolate box or a piece of cake. I usually abhor baking, it’s time consuming, needs to be exact and I can never muster up the enthusiasm to eat what I’ve created. However, next weekend, I’m cooking part of a menu for an evening at a restaurant. One of the dishes I am cooking is a gin and tonic cake with a lemon and gin cream, so of course, I had to do a trial run to see if the flavours worked! As I have said, baking is not my forté. I start off with good intentions, but my enthusiasm soon fades and I end up rushing it and it turns out to be a very average dish. I love gin and as I’m not a dessert lover, I wanted to make something that wasn’t overly sweet and a little bit different. I remembered my friend sending me a picture of gin and tonic cupcakes and I knew I had to make a cake with those flavours to see how it turned out. I found a recipe on google but adapted it slightly as I added more gin but it still needs more for next week! At the end of this I’m going to put the recipe and method, but I found it took a while and I felt like I was faffing around for over an hour!! There were 4 different elements and I just about found the patience to complete the task and I was actually proud of the end product! The cake was very light and moist – something I sometimes struggle with as I don’t whisk it for long enough usually. Plus, it looked tasty and like I actually knew what I was doing! For the cake, I used a Good housekeeping recipe, although as previously mentioned, it needs more gin than the recipe asks for – well, that’s what my palate desires anyway! Follow the link to make your own! If you love baking, I’m sure you will enjoy making it more than myself! 


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