Oysters, squid and gin.

Not the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a fish platter or meze. Delicious all the same. Earlier this week I was lucky enough to experience a platter of cooked and raw oysters: the cooked ones were with stilton and cream (and they were bloody good), the raw ones had accompaniments of balsamic, shallot and white wine vinegar, coriander, sugar and red wine vinegar and shallot vinegar.img_0016-e1497632445213.jpgNow, up until a few months ago I was adamant I didn’t like oysters. Whenever I had eaten them before, I thought they were just slimy and tasteless. However, as I consider myself to be such a foodie, I don’t like to admit defeat with food! I will keep trying something until I like it. Feta cheese was one thing and now I don’t mind it. I think it is all about your taste buds getting used to it and training your mind to like it. Well, when I had oysters a few months ago, I opened my mind to the possibility of liking them and low and behold, I love them now! I prefer them cooked as I think the flavour is sensational. But, if you are like me and like to have something that is sharp, oysters with vinegar are moreish and delicious!img_0018-e1497632549148.jpg The next platter of seafood I was fortunate enough to demolish was squid cooked three ways with homemade chilli jam. The jam itself was a 10/10 and I could have just eaten that as it was to be honest, but I do have some strange eating habits. Perfectly cooked squid is delightful and makes for a great sharing dish. I watch a lot of cooking programmes and pick up some tips from them – one of them was to mix your breadcrumbs with either crushed cornflakes or tortilla chips as they add another dimension and give a really good textual crunch. I would definitely recommend this method and make it 50/50 so you can get the contrast between the two! And there is only one drink to have with a meal like this…a refreshing gin and tonic – one of my favourites is Hendricks with elderflower tonic, grapefruit and lime. It’s thirst quenching, but can go down a little too well.img_0020-e1497632638816


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