Titles, editing and reflecting


Now when I usually start an assignment, the first thing I do is to think of a title, however, this time I am struggling! I have written a short story which is based around one couple, but from different perspectives such as news transcripts, prose and monologues. I need to write a commentary to accompany this (cue the panic), but before that I need to give it a title. As I write this the best I have is “An affair to regret” or “Money, lies and videotapes”, I just wondered if anyone had any tips on how they choose what they’re going to call their short story/ novel/ poem etc.The commentary is also troubling me. I’ve written some before but I get the feeling my undergrad style won’t quite cut the mustard now I’m a postgrad. I spent all of yesterday planning it, yet when I look at it, it seems confusing and that I’m trying too hard. I’ve tried to structure it intelligently and chronologically – maybe confusing myself. I love having the freedom to write what I want, but sometimes, having no guidelines is more of a hindrance as I do like to go off on a tangent! So again, I’m asking (begging) if anyone has any advice on how to structure one correctly or just in a unique way?As I sit here writing this and two assignments I can’t help but reflect on where I was last year. I was preparing for an interview to do teacher training (which, technically, I should be doing now), but not one bit of me regrets the decision to go back to university as it has definitely made me realise that I am on the right path and hopefully, after I graduate, I will end up where I want to be. I just hope I can complete these essays to a high enough standard!


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  1. Kole Obasa says:

    You are right! Most writers I know struggle with titles; heck, I do sometimes, but I trained myself to NOT write TILL i have the title on lock down. I might change it later, but I don’t start writing till I have a provisional title. Inbox me the the synopsis of your story and I will come up with a title. You might not like it but you might have a laugh (and we need some of those these days)


  2. I changed my title AGAIN today πŸ˜‚


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