Out with the old, in with pretty much the same thing….


Hello 2017!

Now I’ve seen a lot of posts today about how this year has been like a roller-coaster and it has been emotional but that’s not what this one is about. I’m sure most of the country, everyday face conflicting emotions and daily challenges so I don’t believe they are important to focus on. As we approach the final hours of 2016 I think it is nice to reflect on what has been the quickest year of my life so far, but it’s far more important to think of the year ahead. A year that could define the rest of my life (no exaggeration). dissertationI am due to hand in my Masters dissertation on my birthday next year (lucky me!), and once I have finished this final part to my education, the dream is to actually follow my dreams! This may sound a bit profound and pretentious but that is the whole reason I went back to uni in the first place. Life really is too short to not pursue your dreams; no matter how big or small. At least I can say I tried when or if I fail in this pursuit.In 2017 I won’t be changing a lot about my life to be honest. I don’t believe in resolutions. Most of them are unattainable and you end up feeling shitter than you did before you started them; if you really need to make changes in your life you should do them at any time. Not wait until a calendar defines when you do it. If it needs doing, you will do it. But that’s just my opinion. I’m going to continue working hard at uni and trying to achieve that elusive distinction!So, it’s a short and sweet post but I just want to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2017! If you are making resolutions, I hope you stick to them and they change your life in the way you want them to! Xxxxxwelcome-new-year-2017-whatsapp-messages


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