School’s out for the summer!


So we’re now into the third week of the summer holidays and it has flown by already! I haven’t written a blog post for a while, mainly because I have felt unsure what to write about! Having no children myself makes the summer break relaxing, but also long as I have to think of things to do to keep myself from going insane through boredom! Colchester is not the most exciting place to live in the world and the places that may be worth a visit cost an arm and a leg – especially for families. Besides it’s not as though the weather is amazing here to get a tan before jetting off on holiday at the end of the month! To keep myself busy (and not spending any money) I have been writing in my spare time. As I have said previously, I would love to write a book one day so I have been playing around with that notion and some ideas.Although I have my blog, I would like to start writing more on it and starting from October I aim to do a weekly post as I am going back to uni to study creative writing! I have had a year away from studying and although I love my job and the people I work with, I realised teaching was not for me. Yes, it would have been a great career to get into; plus a stable one! But it always felt like I was taking up my second choice and not following my heart. This year I have realised that being happy with yourself is so much more important that doing things because you feel like you should do it. I’m 28 at the end of this month and it scares me because I feel about 22. I know age is just a number but I can’t help but feel if I don’t take my opportunities now while I have no ties, I will regret it and who knows if the chance will pass me by again. Writing for me, is the perfect way to relax and to feel like I’m being productive and using my brain. This is what I miss most about being at university I think. When you have to study, read books and write essays, you have structure and order in your life. Without it you feel yourself slipping into a routine of watching days and weeks slip by without achieving or doing anything. This is why I have been writing pretty much every day. It gives me something to aim for, something to plan and something to achieve. I hope in the next year to become more accomplished, knowledgeable and confident. I also hope I will have more to blog about!

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