My Bucket List


As I have revealed before, I believe it is vitally important to always have new goals, challenges and aspirations. Along with this, everyone should have their own bucket list (things to do before you ‘kick the proverbial bucket’), no matter how big or small. It’s something for you to aim for and to feel proud once you have achieved it. I am constantly thinking of ways to cross things off my list, and adding more to it along the way! Last year I crossed off three things on my list which were; to graduate from university, to go to Stockholm and to go to Italy. Now I am going to share my top 10, and hopefully soon I will start crossing more off!

  • Shark diving! I absolutely love sharks and find them so fascinating. They are highly intelligent creatures, but terrifying at the same time. I cannot imagine the adrenaline rush being meters away from a man-eating machine in their own territory. I want to do my shark dive in Cape Town, South Africa. It is supposed to be the best location in the world to do so.

Shark diving

  • Going as far North as possible in Norway and camp beneath the Northern Lights. They are stunning and would take my breath away. It would be a phenomenal thing to witness and I would consider myself extremely lucky if this became a reality. Unfortunately for me, I need to win the lottery to make this happen! It is extremely expensive and you are not guaranteed to see them. However, this would not stop me from going. As long as you do your research and find when the best time to go is, there is no reason I will not be ticking this off my list.

Northern Lights

  • To go to Australia and New Zealand. Now although these are pretty generic, I have always been intrigued by this side of the world. Their natural landscapes and scenery are beyond stunning and I am lucky enough to be going next year! Too excited to start my travels.
  • To have a real Indian curry. I am a huge foodie. I just love interesting dishes and food that is bursting to the brim with flavour. The thought of going to India does scare me admittedly because there are often negative things reported about the country – particularly crimes against women, often extreme violence and gang rape. In spite of this, many westerners say Goa is reasonably safe so as long as you travel with someone and stick to the ‘touristy’ areas you should be more than safe, and have a great time. Especially in a vibrant country, full with culture.
  • To experience a real Middle Eastern feast in Morocco. You can have an authentic ‘Arabian Night’ where you have the feast in the desert dunes under the stars. I love all cuisines and having opportunities like this to experience different cultures and to take part is very special and something I want to take advantage of.

Middle Eastern feast

  • To one day write a book and have it published. Not necessarily a work of fiction. I would love to become more knowledgeable about food and write a travel guide on the best places to eat in a variety of countries.
  • To say I’ve been to more than 50 countries would be incredible. At the moment it’s a pretty pathetic number – 9 and they have all been in Europe. However next year that will all change. Travel broadens the mind and you can experience many different cultures and learn so much.
  • Skydiving and a bungee jump! The past few years I have become cautious and I want to feel free and an adrenaline junkie. The best highs are said to be the natural ones. Ones where your heart races and the blood pumps round your body at the speed of light. Ideally, I would choose to these in Australia and/ or New Zealand, simply because the backdrop will be stunning.
  • I’ve always wanted to go skiing. I love the winter and skiing resorts look unbelievably luxurious and amazing. I couldn’t think of anything better than skiing, surrounded by beautiful mountains and then spending the evening in a stunning chalet, in a hot tub and looking out at the world.

Ski resorts

  • Finally, I want to go to have a hot air balloon ride. I don’t care where. As long as it is at sunset and I feel like I’m on top of the world.

Hot air balloonFor now, that is my top ten on my list, although this is likely to change, especially as I start to cross them off!

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  1. Rachel Bell says:

    What a lovely read! This has inspired me to write my own bucket list. I can’t say that it will be as adventourous as Gemma’s but it will be one nevertheless. Well done Gemma .


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